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    Versace Sunglasses

    For the prefect glamour look on sunny days you need the coolest fashion accessory. Versace sunglasses provide an extravagant and stylish appearance. These sunglasses with Italian class will allow you to express your understanding of the current trends from ever global catwalk. These luxury shades feature soft shapes, classic styling and the frame proudly wears the symbol of the Greek goddess Medusa. The different models look stunning and provide optimal protection against UV rays and anti-reflection.  Show the world who you are and select the Versace sunglasses at Schmidt Optiek that fit your taste and individual style

    Sunglasses with unique designs in stunning colours

    Versace sunglasses come in unique designs, stunning colours, and high-quality materials (metals and acetate polymers). They are the ideal shades for demanding fashion-conscious males and females. It speaks for itself that many celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, Emma Roberts, Halle Berry, Madonna and Beyonce wear the Versace glasses during their public appearances. The Versace shades offer you to express your personality. You have the choice of butterfly, cate eye, oval, rectangular, oversized, and round shapes with option of full-rim, half-rim, and rimless frames. 

    Versace sunglasses with beautiful compositions and superior comfortability

    Versace sunglasses contain beautiful compositions, gracious details, high quality finish and superior wearing comfort. The striking tinted shades dominate the appearance of these creative sunglasses. You will feel great if you wear a nerdy, aviator, wayfarer, or sporty pair of sunglasses from the Italian fashion. A Versace shade is classic, timeless, and hip. It is the ideal fashion accessory and eyecatcher for a day at the beach, the city or a night out. 

    The Versace eyewear fits perfectly with your face shape and style

    A pair of Versace sunglasses fits perfectly to your face shape and gives you an attractive appearance. Select your favourite shade with Italian cut and let them be delivered to you for free! Or visit us in Amsterdam at either the Rokin or Gelderlandplein location. You will stand out and receive looks of jealousy in the streets when you wear a Versace shade. Let there be sun!