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Thom Browne

Elegance and style in one

Thom Browne sunglasses make a design statement. The American designer's iconic sunglasses have a distinct style. The trendy designs are inspired by artists, artists, and architects from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The glasses have unusual colour combinations, which blend harmoniously with real leather and side caps made of metal mesh. Thom Browne sunglasses also have their own unique signature thanks to the red-white-and-blue stripe on the spectacle legs. Treat yourself to a pair of luxury American sunglasses from Schmidt Optiek range that will be an eye-catcher in your surroundings.

Crafted luxury sunglasses with high level of finishing

Thom Browne sunglasses are made by hand. Each frame is carefully designed and has a rare high monochrome, tortoise, or translucent finish. The frame is made of acetate or titanium. The various models have a vintage look with a modern touch. The metal accents catch the light and discreetly add sophistication to the design. Timeless sunglasses from Thom Browne attract attention with their brilliantly coloured lenses that provide a playful twist.

Thom Browne sunglasses with the colours of the American flag

Thom Browne sunglasses are glasses with character. The collection of designer eyewear is manufactured in Japan. Like the trendsetting suits that revolutionised modern menswear, Tom Browne sets the standard for elegant sunglasses. Each pair of glasses has the signature hinge with the brand's four stripes and the colours of the American flag. You will discover round and slightly square frames, models with silver mirrored lenses and understated designs with timeless gold bridges and legs, as well as bridgeless constructions and inverted endpieces. The unisex models grace men and women alike.

Sunglasses with pleasant lightness and high wearing comfort

The high-quality titanium and acetate frames of Thom Browne sunglasses ensure optimum frame strength, pleasant lightness, and high wearing comfort. Sunglasses by leading fashion designer Thom Browne contribute greatly to your personality. Each exclusive pair of glasses is a unique specimen. Choose your favourite from Schmidt Optiek web shop and embrace the sunny life.

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