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    Schmidt Optiek x SENATORI

    Selwyn Senatori is an innovative artist who likes to challenge people to look differently at their daily lives. He wants to open their eyes; change their perspective and he helps them break through conformism. In this way, he helps them discover more moments of happiness.

    Senatori has an open mind to the world and everyone in it: but he is always surrounded by mystery and a dedicated team of like-minded individuals to help him realise his dreams.

    For much of his life, he has been an avid eyewear wearer. Moreover, as a native Italian, it has become an important part of his style and image. An extension of his outfit. In Selwyn's search for the beauty of the perfect frame, he knocked on Schmidt Optiek's door, from which a wonderful collaboration was born.

    Selwyn Senatori: 

    ''We are both two Amsterdam brands that are a stone's throw away from each other on the same street. Schmidt Optiek has been around since 1866 and we also have quite a history with each other by now. For instance, my grandfather used to work at the bakery on Heiligeweg and came by to deliver bread to them before and after the war. It was inevitable that I would make my own model of glasses with Schmidt Optiek because I have been getting my glasses there for the past ten years. One and one is two. I have my own preferences and they are excellent at meeting them. This is how this wonderful project came about.