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Dita Lancier

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Dita Lancier Dita Lancier - LSA -703 DLS703-57-03 - TRT-GUN
Dita Lancier
Dita Lancier - LSA -703 DLS703-57-03 - TRT-GUN
€356,00 €294,21 €249,20 €205,95
Dita Lancier Dita Lancier - LSA - 703 DLS703-57-02 - BLK-GLD
Dita Lancier
Dita Lancier - LSA - 703 DLS703-57-02 - BLK-GLD
€356,00 €294,21 €249,20 €205,95
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Dita Lancier

Dita Lancier sunglasses

Dita Lancier sunglasses are made for adrenaline seekers. Sporty and self-confident men who deliver top performances on land, at sea and in the air, as well as high-spirited trendsetters who adhere to a smooth lifestyle. The American brand's innovative and stylish collection features tough titanium frames with premium lenses. Lancier sunglasses from Dita look robust and luxurious. The label has unrivalled ambassadors in the persons of Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, two-time world sailor of the year Peter Burling and world champion Air Race Pilot Kirby Chambliss. Score a stunning pair of Dita Lancier sunglasses at Schmidt Optiek and crown yourself a winner.

Tough sunglasses in Land, Sea and Air categories

Dita Lancier sunglasses are for those who want the best of the best. For fast car drivers, rugged water sportsmen and fearless pilots, as well as fashion-conscious men who love urban chic. The collection includes three categories: Land, Sea and Air. The Land sunglasses for driving, running, and cycling feature anti-reflective, contrast-enhancing and partially polarised lenses, which ensure optimal depth perception and anti-glare from the sun. The glasses guarantee a comfortable view of the road and dashboard.

Dita Lancier sunglasses: from fully to non-polarised

Dita Lancier sunglasses from the Sea category are fully polarised to keep out the annoying glare from the water. You will maintain a high-contrast view between the sea and the sky. These sunglasses are ideal for sailing, fishing, beach volleyball and other beach activities. Air sunglasses by Dita Lancier are non-polarised, so you can easily read the instruments in the cockpit. The green lenses for flying, climbing and hiking in the mountains grant you contrast-enhancing and calm vision at altitude in varying weather conditions.

Innovative sunglasses with different frame constructions

Dita Lancier sunglasses have different frame constructions: light and mechanical Titanium One, thin and comfortable Titanium Two and classic and stylish Acetate + Titanium. The eyewear stands for strength, sportiness, and elegance. Curious about the sunglasses from the Dita Lancier collection? View and order your fashion accessory in Schmidt Optiek web shop or drop by our locations on the Rokin or Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam.

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