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Eye care

Eye care

Providing the best eye care is a priority at Schmidt Optics. Your eyes are an important part of the body that should be treated with the utmost care. In addition to eye measurement and contact lens check-ups, our service continues with an optometric and orthoptic examination.

What is an optometric examination?

This involves a complete analysis of the eye by our optometrist. Using a retinal scan, the health of the tissue in the retina is examined.

An optometric examination is offered for several factors:

  • Impaired visual acuity, a complication of eye cooperation or increased eye pressure
  • Eye diseases that run in the family
  • Eye position abnormalities
  • Problems with contact lenses or special contact lenses
  • If you would like a medical checkup for the eyes
  • Other complaints such as: dry eyes or headaches

What is an orthoptic examination?

Orthoptics focuses on the cooperation of the eyes. Our orthoptists examine the following components, particularly in children:

  • Visual acuity of the left and right eye
  • Squinting
  • Lazy eye
  • Eye movement disorder
  • Good cooperation between the coordination of the brain and the images of both eyes
  • Other complaints and aspects appropriate to orthoption

Measuring your eye

An eye measurement measures the strength of your eyes. Using the latest equipment, the optician or optometrist looks at your strength, cylinder, any deviations and other aspects.

For an eye measurement, you can schedule an appointment via the online agenda, by telephone or by e-mail. The online agenda can be found under the heading branches, where you can choose your preferred location.

Contact lens check-up

If you are taking contact lenses for the first time or want a check-up of your contact lenses, our contact lens specialist will help you further.  Our equipment will look at your lens fit, dry eyes and other important facets. For a contact lens check-up, you can schedule an appointment via the online agenda, by phone or by mail. The online agenda can be found under the branches heading, where you can choose your preferred location.

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